• ‘Parrot Man’ Who Chopped Off His Own Ears To Morph Into A Bird (10 Images)

    People use many mediums to express themselves. Artists use their art to express their feelings, talent, and individuality, but some people use their body as a canvas which they use to express their feelings. People who get tattoos and piercings on their body fall into this category. For many people tattoos are a way to remember someone or something which they hold dear to their heart. However, not everyone uses the idea of tattoos to remember someone, some people use them to become someone else. If you see the images given below, you will see a man who has covered his face with multicoloured tattoos. If you get to know the reason behind such multicoloured tattoos, you will be really surprised.

    Man with too many tattoos

    If you see this man covered in tattoos, you need not be surprised to see his face as there are many more tattoos on his complete body. The man is called Ted and he is a resident of Bristol. We can say that Ted is obsessed with changing his appearance and he has gone to extremes to achieve his desired look. If you want to know the exact number of tattoos on his body, then you will be surprised to know that Ted has 110 tattoos on his body.


  • ‘Parrot Man’ Who Chopped Off His Own Ears To Morph Into A Bird (10 Images)

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