• 10 Facts About Mummies Will Surprise You (10 Images)

    #1 Egyptian Mummy! Do you know that a mummy is a deceased human or an animal whose skin and organs have been preserved by either intentional or accidental exposure to chemicals? The ancient Egyptians believed in the possibility of attaining life after death, which would be eternal, they followed a process that would prepare and […]

    Halloween Costumes You Won’t Believe Exist (13 Images)

    #1 Victory Sign Do you know that Halloween costumes are costumes worn on or around Halloween a festival which falls on every 31st October, these girls were prepared to celebrate 31st 2016 and you see the designed they used in this era and what do you think about fashion used to be worn of costumes […]

    Pictuers That Prove That You Should Never Sleep During A Party (10 Images)

    To release the daily tensions and to relax, what most people do is that they attend parties where they not only meet new people and socialize but also act as wild as they can for a while. However, like all other gatherings, there are also some rules when it comes to attending a party. For […]

    ‘Parrot Man’ Who Chopped Off His Own Ears To Morph Into A Bird (10 Images)

    People use many mediums to express themselves. Artists use their art to express their feelings, talent, and individuality, but some people use their body as a canvas which they use to express their feelings. People who get tattoos and piercings on their body fall into this category. For many people tattoos are a way to […]

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